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Construction industry: premium-grade coating, colouring and marking solutions.

The specialists of the Berlac Group have developed a broad spectrum of premium-grade colouring, coating and marking solutions for a host of applications in the construction industry.

Trail-blazing marking paints.

The decades of experience garnered by Basler Lacke AG in developing and manufacturing marking products for roads and inside flooring make the company a highly-professional and dependable partner for marking projects.

The programme of products made by Basler Lacke AG ranges from cold and cold-spray plastics, through marking paints for mechanical application (aqueous or solvent-based), right up to indoor and large-area markings for manual application. All marking systems demonstrate excellent resistance to chemical and mechanical influences and to weathering, coupled with low susceptibility to cracking and dirt.

Basler Lacke AG
Phone +41 62 837 93 00

Uniform colouring for large surfaces.

ISL colouring products enjoy a wealth of applications in the construction sector. They are particularly suitable for uniformly colouring large surface areas without any patching. ISL can provide the appropriate solution for every requirement with a palette of applications ranging from colouring top-quality coatings for floors (with glitter effect. on request), through protective coatings, flooring paints for industrial buildings and sports grounds, right up to use on offshore oil-rigs.

ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG
Phone +49 2207-96 91 0 

Corrosion protection for special applications.

As a typical niche supplier, Weckerle provides coatings for the construction industry that prevent corrosion to reinforcing mesh used in building applications such as precast aerated concrete parts and formwork systems. The company can draw on many years of experience in developing dip coating solutions.

Weckerle Lackfabrik GmbH
D-70435 Stuttgart
Phone +49 711 82601 0


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