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All companies in our group develop and produce individual system solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Many of our premium products are developed exclusively for one customer and one very specific application. We are competence providers and problem solvers for complex tasks and challenges.

For our customers
For the environment

We are an association of former family businesses and have always thought in terms of generations. We are very aware of our social, economic and ecological responsibility. That’s why we have long focused on sustainability – in every respect: sustainability in purchasing, in the development of our products and, of course, in the manufacturing process. We actively support our customers in following this path with us.


Curiosity, inventiveness, the desire to improve, the joy of further development, the urge to progress, the need to redesign: no matter what you call it, we at the Berlac Group think in terms of innovation. That’s what makes us successful – and our customers, worldwide.