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Printing inks.

Modern screen and pad printing inks for a broad spectrum of applications.

Berlac AG offers a wide range of modern screen and pad printing inks together with compatible roller and curtain coatings. The products are available in virtually any colour and guarantee efficient and reliable application.

In addition to conventional printing inks, Berlac AG also manufactures phosphorescent coatings that are ideally suited for safety applications, such as escape route markings, fire prevention signage and low-level way guidance systems. The water-resistant coating afforded by this new technology ensures that the intensive phosphorescent effect lasts undiminished over an extended period of time and is subject to neither greying nor fading.

The entire programme of printing ink systems demonstrates high levels of resistance and can be applied by a variety of methods on a wide range of substrates. The products are available as 1 or 2-component systems and can also be used seamlessly with the solvent-based spray coatings manufactured by Berlac AG.

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