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Special coatings and effects for writing implements.


Products from Berlac AG have been used successfully by the manufacturers of writing implements for years. The premium-grade coatings find application as design elements in every conceivable shade of colour, provide tactile effects or protective surfaces on fountain pens, ballpoints, roller-balls and propelling pencils.

The company’s wide-ranging programme of printing inks, special coatings and effects and dye solutions make the design possibilities open to manufacturers virtually unlimited. The spectrum of applications ranges from superbly finished one-off items, through writing implements for everyday office use, right up to mass-produced articles for advertising purposes. With its state-of-the-art products, Berlac AG guarantees that the high demands of this sector in respect of aesthetic appeal, creativity and quality are met in full.

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Berlac exhibiting at Hong Kong Optical Fair

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Basler Lacke at Hofmann Expo

November 29 | Road Marking Technology Day | Rellingen | Germany

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