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Top-quality coatings for the watchmaking and jewellery industries.

Special lacquers and printing inks from the market leader.

For more than 60 years, Berlac AG has been developing special coatings for the watchmaking industry. The company owes its first-class reputation to its decades of experience as a partner to exclusive Swiss luxury brands. Today, all leading watchmakers worldwide are regular customers of Berlac AG. In a sector where quality, precision and reliability are crucial components for success, the company’s high-end coatings make a decisive contribution to added value.

In addition to a wide-ranging palette of special lacquers and printing inks for decorative applications for watchfaces, hands and cases, Berlac AG also produces masking and strippable coatings to provide temporary protection during galvanising. All products are manufactured in individually-produced small batches and with precisely matched nuancing in respect of colour and effect.

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