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Coatings solutions for the telephony industry.

Special coatings and effects for telephony applications.

In addition to a host of high-end functions, ease of use, superb sound properties and hundred-percent reliability, today’s top-quality modern telephones - whether mobile, cordless or fixed - must also be visually attractive.

In a sector where revolutionary technologies, quality and aesthetic design are essential elements for success, Berlac AG makes a decisive contribution to added value with a broad range of top-quality coatings and effects for a wide variety of different substrates.

Thanks to the careful selection of systems and their combination with the underlying materials, we make certain that high sector-specific demands in respect of everyday durability and resistance to a variety of media are met in full. Base coats formulated to individual customer specifications together with highly-developed clear lacquers form a unity that ensures long-term optical and tactile brilliance. For special requirements, we can also provide newly-developed environmentally-friendly UV lacquers, also water-based, that complete our range for durable end-products. 

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