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Coating solutions for the sports and leisure industries.

Coating solutions for the bike industry.

Specially developed for the specific demands of the bicycle industry, Berlac AG offers a broad range of water-borne and solvent-based coating solutions, together with printing inks for a wide variety of applications and substrates, including steel, aluminium, titanium, carbon and varieties of polyamide. Precisely adjusted to specific applications and projects and possessing above-average physical and chemical resistance, the coating systems are ideal for long-term active use, both for leisure and in competitive sport.

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Coating solutions for the ski and snowboard industry.

For the visual and tactile surface finishing of skis and snowboards, Berlac AG has developed a broad spectrum of coating systems in virtually all colours and effects. The range includes water-thinnable, UV-curing and solvent-based casting-resin lacquers, spray coatings and screen printing inks.

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