Content - Mechanical and apparatus engineering

Coating solutions for mechanical and apparatus engineering.

The companies of the Berlac Group offer a comprehensive range of coating solutions for the mechanical and apparatus engineering industry which are available as both conventional and as low-solvent or water-based systems.

Function and design.

The products developed by Weckerle consist primarily of water-thinnable one and two-component systems for painting equipment. Though, needless to say, these systems also have a wealth of uses in general mechanical engineering applications. A wide range of colour shades is available.

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Agenda 2020

Trade Fairs

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, the companies comprising Berlac Group will not participate in trade fairs in 2020. We would be pleased to present our wide range of products and services to you again in 2021 on various platforms.

Season holidays

We would like to inform you that companies comprising Berlac Group will close for Christmas holidays from 24 December 2021 thru 02 January 2022.

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