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Colourings and coating solutions for health care products.

For various applications in the field of medical technology the specialist of the Berlac Group provide colourings and coating systems complying in full with all the rigorous demands that are specific for this sector.

Surface coatings – exactly as prescribed.

Medical technology is an extremely sensitive area in which high quality, the consistency of that quality and dependability play a decisive role in eliminating all risks that might impact the well-being of patients.

Berlac AG provides individual and technologically outstanding coating solutions for a host of applications which consistently meet all the rigorous demands that are specific for this sector.

Berlac AG
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Pigment pastes - exactly as prescribed.

The stringent regulations in force in the medical sector in respect of what materials are authorised for use make the meticulous choice of raw materials crucial. In the case of ISL pigment pastes, all the rigorous demands that are specific for this sector are consistently met in full.

ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG
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Agenda 2020

Basler Lacke exhibiting at Intertraffic

April 21 - 24 | Int. Trade Fair for Traffic Professionals | Amsterdam | Netherlands

Berlac exhibiting at PaintExpo 

April 21 - 24 | Int. Trade Fair for Industrial Coating Technology | Karlsruhe | Germany

Berlac exhibiting at Hong Kong Optical Fair

November 04 - 06 | Int. Trade Fair for the Optical Industry | Hong Kong

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