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Colourings and coating systems for the furniture supply industry.

The specialists of the Berlac Group have developed a broad range of top-quality solutions for a wealth of applications in the furniture industry that are used for colouring, coating, labelling and to ensure safe and reliable processing. 

Functional coatings and decorative colours for polyurethane applications.

Bomix Chemie GmbH develops tailor-made solutions for the surface finish of products, such as backs and armrests, seats and trays in a variety of PU foams. For the best possible results, IMC and conventional coating systems, pastes, release agents and auxiliaries are individually adjusted to process requirements.

A wealth of possible colourings are available in both water-based and conventional one and two-component systems with special additional features, such as resistance to weathering and abrasion, anti-slip, soft-touch and structural effects, as well as flame-retardant properties.

Our Bomix technical specialists offer individual project support both in our laboratories and on site with the end customer

Bomix Chemie GmbH
Detlev Backschat
Phone +49 2504 924 - 14

Colours for design and identification in polyurethane applications.

Colouring products from ISL serve a variety of functions in the furniture industry. They are used as design elements in the colouring of plastic parts and coatings, e.g. armrests, the edging of tables and fronts of furniture. ISL colouring products are also useful for technical identification: for instance, the thickness of polyurethane foams can be clearly indicated by the use of ISL colourings. 

ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG
Phone +49 2207-96 91 0  


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