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Premium-grade special lacquers and effects for domestic appliances.

For the domestic appliance industry, with its emphasis on lifestyle, the specialists of the Berlac Group supply a broad spectrum of premium-grade coating solutions that guarantee harmonious design and technical perfection.

We put brands centre stage - strikingly and dependably.

Sensory perception has a fundamental influence on the consumer’s decision to buy an article. Whether it’s a question of sewing machines, microwaves or coffee machines, elegant design, trendy colour schemes and special tactile qualities are decisive factors for a brand’s success.           

For the lifestyle-conscious domestic appliance industry, Berlac AG offers a complete range of primers, base coats, clear lacquers and special effect coatings aimed at the visual and tactile enhancement of thermoplastic and thermosetting substrates. Easy to clean, extremely heat-resistant and resistant to mechanical impact throughout the product’s entire lifespan, these premium-quality coating solutions meet the highest demands of the sector for exceptional surface properties and uncompromising design.

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