Content - Bomix launches anti-viral coatings.

Bomix launches anti-viral coatings.


Bomix has added anti-viral coatings for polyurethanes, thermoplastics and metals to its product portfolio.

These coating systems offer effective protection against Influenza, HIV, Ebola and Corona type viruses. The anti-viral coating systems come with features such as abrasion, chemical and scratch resistance and easy to clean effects.

It offers 3 lines of defence:

1. even and closed surface (no cavities)

2. adhesion protection

3. devitalizing properties

With Bomix anti-viral coatings, the virus is not able to penetrate into or adhere to the surface of your parts. If contaminated, the virus is devitalized in less than 2 hours. Contact us at to protect your parts and materials against viruses.

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