Content - Bomix: End-of-year review 2017

Bomix: End-of-year review 2017


During 2017 there were many activities at Bomix Chemie GmbH, both in product de-velopment and in sales. Especially in the coating segment, new innovative product solutions for niche markets were introduced. The sales network was intensified and expanded – focus within the segment of release agents and cleaners were topics such as bonding, adhesion and subsequent coating.

Always nice to have a clean workspace, but please NMP-and NEP-free!

Every PU processor knows the problem: No matter how good the release agent may be, after a certain time it is necessary to clean the mould surface. Bomix encounters strict regulations of NMP and NEP with developments of NMP and NEP-free cleaners.

In particular noteworthy is Bomix® Mould-Cleaner 60/698. It impresses with its low hazard classification (only a “warning” pictogram) but still it has as very fast and very good cleaning performance. Moreover, this cleaner can be adjusted in its viscosity enabling it to be used on vertical surfaces and "over-head". Bomix® Mould-Cleaner 60/698 is therefore suitable not only for quick cleaning in between, but also for thorough cleaning after longer production cycles.

Subsequently coated or laminated - The correct pre-treatment makes it possible.

After demolding, many parts are subsequently coated or laminated. This is often not easy due to release agent remains, which prevent adhesion. Bomix offers several part cleaners for this application, suitable for various plastics.

Bomix® Cleaner 60/521 comes without a hazard class. It is water- dilutable and with an appropriate reaction time it can also be used to remove coatings. Especially the two cleaners; Bomix® cleaner 60/123 and Bomix ® cleaner 60/124, can be used for subsequent lamination. Furthermore these two products achieve a much better grindability.

Direct Bonding! From release agent to adhesion - Efficient and process safe.

Bomix introduces a new innovative, water-based layer forming release agent system. The release system Bomix® A-PU-Antiblock 3/632-3 can be processed in a similar way as to an In-Mould-Coating. After spraying, a release active layer is formed in the mould. After the demoulding process, this is completely removed from the mould. Therefore, when properly applied, there is no significant mould build-up.

The release agent layer is also ideally suited for direct bonding. If necessary, the release agent layer can be washed off with warm water.

Flame retardant - Latest Bomix® IMC development for PU integral components meets the FMVSS 302 standard.

Flame protection has been a topic of great general interest not only since the accident of the Grenfell Tower in London, but there have been many different norms and tests on the subject of flame retardants since decades.

Depending on the application in bus, train, airplane or furniture industry, various types of tests are used. Bomix is therefore pleased to offer its customers and partners a product that can meet the high requirements of the FMVSS 302 test, the American Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standard. It can be used in the IMC process and, if necessary, enhanced by the addition of special crosslinkers, in its resistance to various chemicals and agents.

Bomix® Coating – Coating of open-cell foam.

Open-cell soft foam: This surface is a special challenge for the coating process. This is due to the unclosed surface and the special flexibility of this material.

New in the Bomix portfolio is a product which precisely meets these requirements and generates a film which can be refined with water or solvent-based coatings without any problem.

This 2-component system tolerates any deformation and, as well as the material itself, returns to its original form. Despite the addition of a hardener, which is necessary for the desired foam adhesion, a processing time of more than 8 hours is easily given for this product.

Sales competencies across the continents – Benefits of intercompany potentials.

In the past 6 months, Bomix has intensified its cooperation with the BERLAC group members - Berlac México and Bomex Chemical (Shanghai). From now on, certain Bomix® products can be manufactured at the locations including suitable technical service.

This cooperation enables special customer wishes to be met in a better way. Additionally it opens up for new strategic opportunities for Berlac and Bomix in the future.

Ocean Chemical Industry, Brazil - Interesting growth in the Mobility sector.

Ocean Chemical Industry is specialised in industrial products among other for mobility. Their core values; customer focus; innovation and commitment, correspond to those of Bomix Chemie GmbH.

Mobility, where high quality, efficiency and best cost-benefit ratio are required; Bomix has now found an interesting partner in Brazil, a market which sometimes may seem difficult but with a high potential, especially within the automotive segment.

Ocean Chemical Industry will produce and sell the Bomix® products - an investment in the future expanding Bomix worldwide even more intensively. 

LMI srl. - New Italian partner relies also on green chemistry and sustainability.

Since July 2017, Bomix act as a distributor for the company LMI, Mezzano Inferiore, Italy. LMI produces innovative lubricants for the cold forming of metals.This is based on ecologically harmless formulations, which, unlike the commonly used mineral oils, are unlabelled, biodegradable and more effective in their efficacy.

The target markets here are the automotive sector, household goods (dishwashers, washing machines and electric cookers), lamella heat exchangers and the tool industry.

More information can be found on the homepage

Strong in sales - Worldwide and as team.

Not only globally we have intensified our sales activities with our Berlac group members, Bomix has also strengthened their sales force in 2017.

Within technical sales and inside sales, we have strengthened our team. With this new potential, we are focusing on expanding our coating market and intensifying our customer service. From now on, all requests can be sent via e-mail .

Bomix looks forward to new challenges and projects with you in 2018!

Bomix Chemie GmbH
Laila Henriksen
Phone: +49 25 04/9 24-35


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