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Corporate culture.

Our decentralised structure makes it possible for us to react rapidly and flexibly to both the specific wishes of our customers and to changes in the market. The individual employees of the Berlac Group are closely networked and pursue a constant dialogue in order to exchange know-how, benefit from synergies and develop innovative new products together. Entrepreneurial thought and action are individually encouraged to allow members of staff to channel their skills and creativity for joint success. We promote personal initiative and professional advancement. Over and above this, we include our staff in the working and decision-making processes thanks to our policy of open communications. A trusting partnership built on mutual respect forms the basis of everything we do.

This approach to our internal working procedures is equally true of our relationships outside the company. We work hand in hand with our customers, since experience has shown that long-term cooperation based on trust is the most effective path to ideal solutions. For this reason, we always discuss individual requirements in detail from the very outset and react rapidly and flexibly to any changes that occur. We treat no project like another. Our decentralised structure puts us in a position to tackle each and every assignment afresh and bundle the expertise of the entire Group in precisely the way the project demands. This results in outstanding solutions that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of our customers. 


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