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Rubber coatings.

The companies of the Berlac Group offer a broad spectrum of intelligent solutions for the safe and reliable processing of rubber materials. 

Rubber coatings for the European market.

Bomix Chemie GmbH offers tailor-made solutions for coating rubber materials (rubber sheeting, safety mats, etc.). Based on decades of experience, Bomix adjusts its coating systems to the technology and requirements of its customers and supports them with its worldwide technical service.

The range of systems offered consists of colour pastes, basic resins, thinners, additives and hardeners. By following our formulation guides, customers can rapidly create every shade of colour and effect themselves. Needless to say, we also manufacture ready-to-use coatings for these applications. All products are hallmarked by excellent surface adhesion, high flexibility and water resistance. Bomix water-based and solvent-based rubber coating systems are available in both one and two-component versions as required.

Bomix Chemie GmbH
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Phone +49 25 04 / 9 24-14

Rubber coatings for the Latin and North American market.

For the Latin and North American market, Kem Design, Mexico, offers a broad spectrum of solutions for coating and processing rubber materials. The product range includes base coats and printing varnishes, together with aqueous and solvent-based top coats that are available in all conceivable colours and with special metallic or structural effects.

Berlac Pinturas y Químicos de México, S. de R.L. de C.V.
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Fax +52 477 740 3503 

Intaglio printing inks for the Asian market.

As the leading manufacturer of intaglio printing inks for rubber sheeting, Bomex Chemical (Shanghai) supplies primarily to the Asian market. The ultra-flexible printing inks are available as both aqueous and solvent-based one or two-component systems and can be produced with special additional properties in order to imitate smooth or nubuck leather, or with soft-touch, metallic or chameleon effects. The product range also includes release agents for the safe and reliable processing of rubber materials.

Bomex Chemical (Shanghai) Co. Ltd 
Phone +86 21 5768 4338 


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