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Release agents for the safe and reliable processing of PU mouldings.

The specialists of the Berlac Group offer a broad spectrum of top-quality, environmentally-neutral release agents for the safe and reliable processing of PU mouldings.

Release agents for the Latin and North American market.

For the Latin and North American market, Kem Design produces aqueous and solvent-free release agents for the safe, reliable and environmentally-neutral processing of PU mouldings for a wide range of applications in the automotive and footwear industries. 

Berlac Pinturas y Químicos de México, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Phone +52 477 740 3500
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Release agents for the European market.

Release agents from Bomix Chemie GmbH provide a number of benefits in the manufacture of polyurethane products. They ensure easy handling and clean removal of the PU component from the mould. This gives Bomix customers processing advantages since they profit from higher cost efficiency, reduced processing times and less waste. In addition, Bomix release agents have a decisive effect on the character of the PU substrates, for instance: their level of gloss, appearance and surface texture. For decades, Bomix has played a leading role in the development of environmentally-friendly release agents, including solvent-free and water-based systems.

Thanks to its specialised production, Bomix is also able to supply in small quantities.

Bomix Chemie GmbH
Dr. Benedikt Neue
Fon +49 2504 924 - 52


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