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Marking paints for roads and inside floors.

The specialists of the Berlac Group offer trail-blazing solutions for marking road surfaces and indoor floors of various kinds.

Marking paints from Swiss specialists.

Its decades of experience in the development and manufacture of marking products for roads and inside floors make Basler Lacke AG a highly-professional and dependable partner for marking projects.

The programme of products made by Basler Lacke AG ranges from cold and cold-spray plastics, through marking paints for mechanical application (aqueous or solvent-based), right through to indoor and large-area markings for manual application. All marking systems demonstrate excellent resistance to chemical and mechanical influences and to weathering, coupled with low susceptibility to cracking and dirt.

Basler Lacke AG
Phone +41 62 837 93 00

Marking paints for the Latin and North American market.

For the Latin and North American market, Kem Design, Mexico, offers a wide range of premium-grade solutions for marking roads, airfields, car parks and for indoor applications.

Berlac Pinturas y Químicos de México, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Fon +52 477 740 3500
Fax +52 477 740 3503 

Pigment pastes for ground-breaking road markings.

ISL provides top-quality pigment pastes for colouring road markings. Among their other advantages, these demonstrate very good light fastness and resistance to weathering.

ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG
Phone +49 2207 - 96 91 0 


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