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Industrial coatings.

Functional protection and design for the automotive and the railway indstry.

Weckerle is a specialist and niche supplier for paint systems in the automotive and railway branch. The emphasis in the development of new paint systems is both on corrosion and stone chip protection and on design for automotive add-on parts. The majority of the Weckerle products used in the automotive branch are water-based systems.

Weckerle paints are in full compliance with the specifications of the automotive and of the railway vehicles branch. We supply to OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry as well as to manufacturers and suppliers in the railway sector. 

Weckerle offers a wide choice of heat-resistant coatings for a variety of applications, which are available as both solvent-based and water-thinnable one and two-component systems. Their resistance to heat ranges from 200 to 600 °C and a variety of colour shades is available.

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