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Coatings solutions for plastics.

The companies of the Berlac Group offer a comprehensive range of intelligent surface coatings for the visual and tactile enhancement of polymeric substrates.

Special coatings, special effects and printing inks for thermoplastics, thermosets, ultra-flexible substrates and composite materials.

The wealth of ever-more demanding polymeric materials for the design-oriented consumer industry is growing all the time, since plastic parts are economical to produce and can be shaped into virtually any form required. The requirements placed on surface coatings to improve their function and visual appearance are correspondingly high.

Thanks to its many years of experience as a manufacturer of high-end coatings, Berlac AG meets this challenge with a wide range of innovative developments that give plastics lasting protection against mechanical and chemical influences and enhance their visual and tactile character. The comprehensive product portfolio comprises - from primers through printing inks -fully integrated solutions (thermal and UV-curing) in the realm of solvent based and waterborne spray coating systems and screen and pad printing inks. Whether it is a question of common substrates, such as ABS, ASA, PBT, PC, PMMA, PVC, etc., or materials that are difficult to coat, like PA, PP, TPE and silicones, whether galvanised or PVD-metallised plastics or carbon fibre reinforced materials and bioplastics from renewable resources – Berlac AG understands the requirements of the plastics industry inside out and is in a position to offer the ideal solution for every substrate and every application. In all conceivable colours, metallic and nacreous shades, chrome-look and many other visual and tactile effects.

All products are custom-tailored and can be manufactured in very small batches right up to large-scale production volumes.

Berlac AG
CH-4450 Sissach
Phone +41 61 976 90 10

Functional finishes for thermoplastics.

Bomix Chemie GmbH develops and produces high-quality functional coating systems for thermoplastic materials (TR, PVC, PS, PP and ABS). 

As a coating specialist, Bomix offers products that meet high demands in respect of surface properties and functional characteristics, such as high gloss, conductivity and surface texture (e.g. anti-slip, anti-graffiti and soft-touch effects).

Bomix covers the entire colour spectrum in accordance with internationally recognised colour systems like RAL, RAL Design, HKS, Pantone and NCS. It is also possible to supply customer-specific shades matched to samples, as well as very small qualities. 

Bomix Chemie GmbH
Detlev Backschat
Phone +49 2504 / 9 24 -14


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