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Coating solutions for metal substrates.

The companies of the Berlac Group offer a comprehensive range of intelligent coating solutions for the visual and tactile enhancement of metal substrates.

Special coatings and effects for ultra-precise applications – from acknowledged specialists.

Berlac AG is your ideal partner for the decorative coating of metal substrates. Decades of close collaboration with the Swiss luxury watch industry and of supplying to manufacturers of prestigious brands of spectacles throughout the world have given Berlac AG an intimate knowledge of the high technical demands of these two sectors in respect of suitability for stamping, abrasion resistance, resistance to perspiration and cosmetics, stability in electroplating baths, etc.

All coating solutions from Berlac AG are additionally hallmarked by excellent direct adhesion to nonferrous metals, light metals, steel and a wide range of different die-cast parts and have above-average resistance to mechanical and chemical influences.

All products are custom-tailored, can be manufactured in very small batches right up to large-scale production volumes and are available in all conceivable colours, metallic and nacreous shades, chrome-look and many other visual and tactile effects.

Berlac AG
CH-4450 Sissach
Phone +41 61 976 90 10

Decorative and functional coatings for aluminium wheels.

The main focus of the exterior systems developed by Cetelon is on decorative and functional coatings for alloy wheels. The company’s basecoat systems consist of a wide range of aqueous and solvent-based coatings in customer-specific colours. The protection afforded against the influences usually encountered in automotive exterior applications is achieved by a special balance of basecoat and clear lacquer. Customers have a choice a top-quality protective coating systems to meet their product-specific requirements. Industrial processors have a selection of systems available to meet the needs of different equipment to ensure that all standard industrial techniques can be used. This means that any special products can be manufactured without difficulty.

Cetelon Lackfabrik GmbH
D-71254 Ditzingen bei Stuttgart
Phone +49 7156 352 0


Agenda 2020

Basler Lacke exhibiting at Intertraffic

April 21 - 24 | Int. Trade Fair for Traffic Professionals | Amsterdam | Netherlands

Berlac exhibiting at PaintExpo 

April 21 - 24 | Int. Trade Fair for Industrial Coating Technology | Karlsruhe | Germany

Berlac exhibiting at Hong Kong Optical Fair

November 04 - 06 | Int. Trade Fair for the Optical Industry | Hong Kong

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