Inhalt - Bomix launches a glueable/paintable release agent...

Bomix launches a glueable/paintable release agent...


Save up to 57 years of production time with the new glueable/paintable release agent by Bomix.

Assume that you need to produce 5.000.000 high quality polyurethane moulded parts per year for the automotive industry. Parts that need to be demoulded by means of a release agent.

The challenge your are faced with is not only to have all these parts leathered or painted afterwards. The even more crucial challenge is to first remove the release agent properly to enable these post-processes.

Imagine that you need up to 6 minutes per part to have the release material removed with strong effort, potentially using a hazardous cleaning agent and creating dust formation.

Imagine that with the glueable/paintable agent by Bomix adjusted to your application, the process of cleaning the parts is significantly reduced or even eliminated completely.

Bomix glueable/paintable release agents have excellent release properties, are environmental friendly, water-based with low VOC-content and available globally with consistent quality.

If you like to save 5.000.000 x 6 minutes = 57 years of production time please contact us! Mail:, Tel.: 0049 2504 924 0

See also the video with conventional/not glueable release agent (LEFT) and BOMIX glueable release agent (RIGHT) in view of glue/leather adhesion.



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